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Knut Kills Animals FOR FUN
April 16, 2008, 9:43 am
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Remember the adorable little polar bear from before, that everybody crooned over. Remember our warnings, that perhaps this wasn’t the best thing to do with a baby serial killer that’ll grow up and murder innocent creatures/peoples/animals?

Well, don’t say that we didn’t tell you so… from the BBC:

Germany’s celebrity polar bear Knut has triggered a new controversy by fishing out 10 live carp from his moat and killing them in front of visitors.

Critics say Berlin Zoo should not have put live fish inside Knut’s enclosure. But German media report that the carp were put there to eat up algae.

There is speculation that hand-reared Knut killed the carp just for fun.

Holy fuck. He killed the carp just for fun? Jesus christ. Thank god it’s the German government paying for it, nor our government.

If you ever needed a reminder why this blog is probably the most important one out there on the web, this it it.


Our Last Chance!
February 14, 2008, 9:39 am
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You know those movies where the good guy has a chance to end it all, to stop the villain by finishing him off when he’s helpless, but he decides that it wouldn’t be fair or something.. Then the good guy stands up, begins to walk away from the bad guy.. and turns to face a gun?

Yeah, imagine all that, except the bad guy is a bear. Who is teething. It’s like baby Germany back in the 1930s.. oh, so cute.. oh, it’s getting it’s first tank. Aww, how cute.

BAM, THERE GOES POLAND! Way to hesitate Chamberlain.

Look here to see an adorable Polar Bear get his first tooth. Note the omnious voice overs in German.

Pro-Bear Propaganda from Our Youth
January 25, 2008, 2:08 pm
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With the shameful deficit of religious rhetoric in our society, youngsters of the 1980s grew up with the television as the sole source of moral teachings. And who delivered these lessons? Oh.. just a few… BEARS!

Let’s look at this little gem from the Care Bears, where they teach you that winning doesn’t matter. That’s like the Nazis trying to tell Britain in 1941 that ‘winning doesn’t matter’ as long as you have fun. Or, to use a more correct example, like bears telling youngsters that when the inevitable conflict between bear and man comes, don’t worry as long as you ‘try’:

Aww, isn’t that cute. When Share Bear hears that the kid lost and says ‘oh, that’s too bad’.. it doesn’t sound sincere does it? In any case, we mustn’t encourage little Billy to try hard at training to fight off bears, oh no, that would hurt his precious little soul. Let’s look at more propaganda:

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There’s a Bear in the Woods
January 20, 2008, 1:56 pm
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The last American president to fully recognize the threat posed to our freedoms, nay, our society, was Ronald Reagan. He knew what lurked out in the woods, and it wasn’t cuddly.

Some ivory tower academics think he was indicting the Soviet Union, or gun control, or even environmentalism. Don’t intellectualize it (besides, I think we all know that Reagan – rest his evil soul – wouldn’t have intellectualized anything…). But the only way he could get past the pro-bear media was to make them THINK that it was a clever allegory… Continue reading

Syrian Brown Bears = Terror?
January 18, 2008, 6:07 pm
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It might have flown under your radar, but an egregious breach of national security occured last year (Read a summary here). That typical liberal rag, the Globe and Mail, downplayed the severity by linking the escape of ‘Willy’ the Syrian bear to the popular movie about a whale (of the killer variety):

Free Willy, they said, and theatre audiences agreed – when Willy was a whale and Hollywood could ensure a happy ending.This time, Willy was a bear – a real, live Syrian brown bear – and his brief brush with freedom was far from comforting to owners of the Southern Ontario zoo he escaped from, or to the good people of surrounding Stevensville, who put their lives on hold as an exhaustive search unfolded yesterday.
Ha ha ha. We’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. The BLOOD bank. Read to find out the Syrian Brown Bear’s nefarious little secret, and how they’re behind a little place called… IRAQ. Continue reading